WarmCore Bi-Folding Doors


Total Glass can supply and manufacture WarmCore Folding and sliding bi-fold Doors . The Doors have been designed to be beautiful, strong, secure and 25% more thermally efficient than any of its competitors.

Total Glass can manufacture and supply a range of doors using this outstanding technology including traditional french doors, standard double or single doors and bi-folding doors in various styles all made in our factory in Liverpool, Merseyside. Like all our products, everything is manufactured to a very high-standard and conforms to stringent building regulations and safety standards. You can choose from a host of added features too, including different paint options and comprehensive guarantees.


Thermal Properties

WarmCore bi-folds have been designed to be as thermally efficient as possible. Built around a full width thermal core – maximising the use of lower conductivity material – WarmCore is 25% more efficient at keeping heat in your home than traditional aluminium solutions

Triple Glazing

Robustly designed to take the weight of triple glazed units as standard, choose this option for the ultimate thermal performance at 75% better than standard double glazed aluminium bifolds. Opting for 44mm triple glazing rather than standard 28mm double glazing reduces the whole bifold U-Value rating from 1.4 to 1.0

Sash Styling

A choice of 4 external aluminium door sash designs, ranging from a contemporary pencil round to a decorative sculptured look, enables you to personalise your door or echo the style of your existing windows. Styles include: Pencil round - Decorative - Square & Chamfered

Threshold Options

WarmCore doors come with a range of threshold options, including ultra low Part M compliant aluminium thresholds that help avoid trip hazards. Alternatively if you have a step down from your door opening a choice of sills is also available. Configurability is key and you can be confident that WarmCore has the right option for your home.

Standard Colours

Available, as standard in a choice of 2 powder coated colours in white and anthracite grey with other colours available to order, WarmCore also allows you to pick a different colour for each side of your bi-fold doors. Want a different colour on the outside to the inside? – with WarmCore that’s no problem

RAL Colours

Along with the standard colours of white and anthracite grey there are other colours available to order. WarmCore bifolds can be provided in a powder coating based on the RAL choice of colours giving you an almost endless variety of options for the colours of your new bifolding doors.

Hardware Styling

WarmCore door handles gracefully curve around door sashes when open, tucking into the glass reveal and allowing the door sashes to fold perfectly flat. Handles come in a range of styles including silver, black, white and brushed chrome effect

Sill Choices

WarmCore bi-folds come with a choice of sill sizes. There are four options available which will allow you to choose the style of sill that will compliment your home

WarmCore bi-folding doors come in a range of size and configuration options:

Two & Three Pane Options

Two Pane Bi-folds: - both doors slide open
Three Pane Bi-folds come with two options:
Option One: All three doors open
Option Two:One traffic door and two doors sliding open

Four Pane Options

Four Pane Bi-folds: - come with three options
Option One: All four doors open
Option Two:One traffic door and three doors sliding open Option Three:Two doors open either side

Five Pane Options

Five Pane Bi-folds: - come with three options
Option One: All five doors open
Option Two:One traffic door and four doors sliding open Option Three:Two doors open and three doors open on opposite side

Six Pane Options

Six Pane Bi-folds: - come with four options
Option One: All six doors open
Option Two:One traffic door and five doors sliding open Option Three:Three doors open on either side Option Four:Two doors open and four doors open on opposite side

Seven Pane Options

Seven Pane Bi-folds: - come with two options
Option One: All seven doors open
Option Two:One traffic door and six doors sliding open


From the sturdy quad-wheeled rollers, to the multiple weather-seals, every element of your door is precisely manufactured and installed to exacting standards. Performance, reliability and ease of use comes from a meticulous attention to detail.

Custom high-strength rollers with a 200kg load capacity are at the heart of ensuring the smooth operation of your WarmCore door.Tested to over 50,000 cycles, these precision components ensure years of trouble-free,reliable operation.

WarmCore Technical Data:

  • Max door width: 6000mm
  • Max door height: 2400mm
  • Max sash width: 1000mm
  • Max load per sash: 100kg
  • Frame and sash sightline: 129mm
  • Low threshold and sash sightline: 109mm
  • Sash to sash sightline: 156mm


Our range of handle styles helps provide those vital finishing touches for your new door system.

Matt Black Handle

Satin Silver Handle

Brushed Graphite Handle


Euro Cylinders

All the WarmCore bifold doors manufactured at Total Glass come with Era Locking Cylinders to ensure that the bifold doors we provide have the highest security features possible.

ERA Guarantees

The WarmCore windows and doors come with the ERA 5-star guarantee. This is one of the U.K’s most comprehensive home security guarantees and includes 24/7 help, upto £1,000 towards the cost of a repair or replacement, upto a £1,000 excess paid and upto £1,000 compensation give you total peace of mind

Locking Handles

A custom designed door lock, available on no other door system, uses a 5 point locking system with 3 opposed hook locks and twin shoot bolts - that engage fully into the aluminium top and bottom tracks - helping keep you and your family safe and secure.

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